Product Launches

Marketing campaigns for FitShake, CardioBeets & Aquagevity

Youngevity launched 3 new products in the health & wellness category and tasked me with designing the marketing campaigns. Each product launch features a range of tactics including emails, landing pages, social media graphics and sales sheets.

Skills: digital design, print design, branding, and UX

FITSHAKE & SuperGreens
Divider lineFitShake home page banner
FitShake social image 1
FitShake social image 2
FitShake social image 3
FitShake social image 4
Divider lineAquagevity home page bannerAquagevity landing page
Aquagevity email
Aquagevity sell sheet
Aquagevity social image 1
Aquagevity social image 2
Aquagevity social image 3
Divider line
Cardiobeets home page bannerCardiobeets landing page
Cardiobeets landing page mobile view 1
Cardiobeets landing page mobile view 2
Cardiobeets email announcement
Cardiobeets email promotion
Cardiobeets social image 1
Cardiobeets social image 2
Cardiobeets social image 3
Cardiobeets social image 4Cardiobeets sell sheet
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