Gift Guides

Dads, Grads and Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, Father's Day and Graduation, I was tasked with creating a gift guide that showcased Youngevity products. Each guide had it’s own theme and a suite of tactics including a landing page banner, emails, social media graphics, and pricing lists.

Skills: print design, digital design, branding, art direction

Dads & Grads Gift Guide
Dads & Grads gift guideDads & Grads home page banner
Dads & Grads pricing sheet
Dads & Grads print ad
Dads & Grads landing page tab 1
Dads & Grads landing page tab 2
Dads & Grads landing page tab 3
Dads & Grads email announcement
Dads & Grads email promotion
Dads & Grads social image 1
Dads & Grads social image 2
Dads & Grads social image 3
Mother's day gift guide
Mother's Day Gift Guide
Mother's Day home page and email
Mother's Day US pricing sheet
Mother's Day Canada pricing sheet
Mother's Day social image 1
Mother's Day social image 2
Mother's Day social image 3
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