Various branding, website design, development, and print creative

Below is a compilation of several brand identities that I've created both in freelance and while working for an ad agency. In addition to the logo work, each project also included designing and producing a range of tactics including websites, billboards, stationery, and ads. The websites I designed and built myself.

Skills: branding, digital & print design, UX, HTML, QA

active performance physical therapy branding & Website
Active performance logoActive performance home page
Active performance about page
Active performance services page
scare-a-torium branding, website & Billboard
Scareatorium logoScareatorium home page
Scareatorium time page
Scareatorium directions page
Scareatorium billboard
ohio state park resorts website, print & web ads
Before and after of website home page
Print and Web Ads
Spa retreat branding & stationery
Spa Retreat logo and stationery