Nationwide Brand

Leading a team of 6 to create a new brand color palette for Nationwide

When our internal brand marketing team was tasked with revising Nationwide’s brand guidelines, 5 teams of 6 were created to revisit their assigned category (i.e. structure, typography, color, iconography, and visual language). I was tasked with leading the color palette team. The team spent 6 months conducting research, identifying several palette approaches, vigorously testing those approaches, and several iterations later came to a final conclusion. Once we got buy-in from marketing leadership, we then documented the new palette, usage rules and examples in the brand guidelines.

Skills: branding, leadership, digital design

Image of research conducted
Image of 3 different palettes that were explored
Final palette
Image of the final palette
Nationwide's brand characteristics graphic

Why this palette works

  • Lends itself to Nationwide's many audiences and product lines
  • Aligns with Nationwide's brand traits thanks to more sophisticated, authentic colors
  • Works well for both digital and print due to the range in contrast
  • Offers more overall structure
  • Transitions well from the previous palette, creating a seamless evolution
USage examples & Guidelines
Usage examples and guidelines imageUsage examples and guidelines imageUsage examples and guidelines image