CAT Campaign

Art direction and digital design for a high profile Nationwide campaign

The print and digital marketing teams were tasked with creating a suite of tactics for when a weather-related catastrophe (i.e. CAT) affects members. Our team of 2 writers and 2 designers began concepting with mood boards and collaborated to eventually deliver 4 concepts to the client. Once a concept was chosen, we went to Florida to art direct the photo shoot. The final digital tactics included promotional banners for, emails, social cards, and web ads.

Skills: digital design, branding, art direction

Mood boards
Image of a moodboard
Image of a moodboard
initial concept development
Image of concept 1
Image of concept 2
Image of concept 3
Image of concept 4
campaign photoshoot
Image of woman being consoled by Nationwide agent
Various images of Nationwide agents providing relief to members
email, hero banner & Filmstrip
Images of an email, hero banner and filmstrip icon
facebook social cards
Mobile views of 3 Facebook social cards
email, hero banner & filmstrip
Images of hero banner, filmstrip icon and email
web ads
Images of 6 web ads
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