Allied Insurance

Rebranding a Midwest affiliate through color and illustration

When Allied Insurance, an affiliate of Nationwide, was undergoing a brand refresh, the print team asked for our help in the digital space. The previous brand icons felt dated and featured many details that didn’t reduce well. I created a new icon style which featured a more dimensional, upscale look with the shades of gold acting as a nice pop against the rest of the new palette. Next, I worked with our IT department to reskin so that it aligned with the new brand. Finally, I created a cohesive look for their social cards as well as a mobile app splash landing page.

Skills: digital design, illustration, branding, IT collaboration, UX, QA

Image of past iconography and new recommendations
Exploration of past iconography and new recommendations
Image of 6 final icons
Final icon style Reskin
Before and after image of
Collaborated with IT to reskin with the new color palette, iconography and photography
2 secondary pages
Secondary pages on
Facebook & Twitter social cards
Image of Facebook and Twitter social cards
Mobile sponsorship splash page
Image of mobile sponsorship splash page

Giving agents a one-stop shop for their online tools

Our client was looking to create an online hub where Allied agents could easily access all the various digital properties available to them. I created the UX and UI design in this post-authenticated space, art directed the photo shoot, and worked with a third party vendor to build and launch the final product.

Skills: digital design, branding, IT collaboration, UX, QA

Allied Agent resource application
Desktop image of Allied Agent Resource login page
Pre-authenticated login page
Desktop image of Allied Agent Resource home page
Post-authenticated home page